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Ah, the Blackberry. If you think about it, the Blackberry is the last of the Old Guard of smartphones is still standing. Palm webOS computer restarts with and Windows Mobile planning to do the same with Windows Mobile seventh(relatively) new players in the game, iPhone and Android, introduced new philosophies and innovative features, while distancing the churning Blackberry, pager back in history and tradition in front of the keyboard, the Blackberry today is simply, but accurately, a better BlackBerry than yesterday.
And to tell you guys the truth, I love my Blackberry. Although it is a completely different experience than the experience of Android, a lot of love and learn from the Blackberry. Although this is not the most ideal for me, I can certainly why its so wildly successful. It is without doubt a unique experience. But there are obvious limitations Blackberry, perhaps more than any other platform, but hey, Blackberrys to get things done, right?
See what they think about Android Central BlackBerry platform in a full review below!
Accessories Bold 9700

any way you spin it, Bold 9700 is a beautifully constructed device, rock solid from head to foot, on-screen keyboard. Bold 9700 is particularly pleasant to use because it feels so good in your hand its almost the perfect size for both the shape and depth, on the phone. Really does not like Android device. As opposed to last years Bold 9000 , which was large and the device, Bold 9700 has a smaller footprint that is much easier to use. If you want to get nitpicky, you can complain that they do not feel like a Bold, but rather from Curve of the family project. But its better through the device.

Bold 9700 Blackberry trackball replaces the famous(, some of whom facilities Android borrowed from ) with an optical trackpad. Many believe that optical trackpad ingenious solution because it fixes the previous year trackball(the accumulation of dust, getting dirty, etc.), but Im not sure that absolutely, definitively better. Yes, it is almost as accurate and much easier on the eyes, but there were instances where I felt that I misread my moves I went I wanted to press the icon. Do not get me wrong, I would prefer an optical trackpad for every day, trackball( Nexus One darn you! ), but I think it might be better I do not believe that this is a great way navigation yet. What would be cool is if the Blackberry extended to the optical trackpad that the entire row of buttons, so you have more properties to move and the possibility of more advanced gestures.

Because Android devices are apparently married to a large touch screens, I was sure if I can adapt my custom to the smaller screen Bold 9700th The screen is only 2.4 inches compared to 3.7-inch screen with the droid. And yes, there were times where I wanted a bigger screen, but for the most part, Bold 9700 screen will not work. It is absolutely clear enough that for sure. If the Blackberry users are married, which form factor is the front screen, plus keyboard(and to be fair, its a great fact), it really is their best option.

And if Android can steal from the functions of equipment Bold 9700 would be the keyboard, no question. Keyboards only flies no learning curve the response is to type as fast as possible in a short time. Some devices have a physical keyboard Android, yes, but it does not even come close to the effectiveness of the Blackberry keyboard. Its likely due to the housing, but it is very surprising that no one manufacturer has built Android Blackberry-esque device, even if it was just whether it could work.
Storm 2

Less Last year the Round Robin Storm when the original was released and it was an important device Blackberry due to the nature of the touch screen. Unfortunately, that was the original pretext Storm device. It seemed undercooked, half-baked, and what you can think of a synonym for just is not ready. I expected the same of the Storm 2, convinced that RIM just do not understand how to make the device, touch screen, but it could not be more wrong. Is that RIM introduced the phone should be like the original Storm. Display Technology SurePress work in this direction. Tap to select and press for the implementation certainly before the end of philosophy Blackberry.

What is extremely cool about Storm 2 is that its technology is SurePress further refined. Previously, it consisted of a single button, so there was no weak points, moved away from the points, not just the points work. This time it introduced four buttons under the screen and is electronically controlled so that when the device is turned off, you can not click down. Its a small detail, but oh so cool execution. Its those little details that were missing the original Storm, small details that usually RIM addresses. Good to see happen.

Overall, the quality of the Storm 2 is a star. Good choice of materials, appropriate weight and huge dimensions. Do you have a larger screen, so its easier for fans to become familiar touchscreen z. Strange that I found the keyboard to Storm2 is very easy to use in some cases even better than the soft keyboard Android.

But, as I enjoyed Storm 2, there is really nothing I want Android to steal z. Great build quality is nice, but beyond that Storm 2 matches Blackberry philosophy of doing things way better than Android.

Blackberry Way

For most users, who need a first phone, smartphone functions second, as typical Blackberry Bold 9700 is perfect. Why? Because this smartphone, which is the most phone like. There is no slider, no keyboard, no ideas that seem too foreign. Its a plus if it comes to people who are accustomed to featurephones, philosophy of communication makes the Blackberry first, second, all . And there is a huge market for what you see in the sales, but I think as the growing smartphone market and the needs of the user becomes more diverse, Blackberry there is another level of utilization. Browser is impressive, homescreen experience is limited and outdated philosophy Blackberry growing . smartphones not only for communication more.
I did not say the Blackberry is so bad. In fact, if you want to be a smartphone communication device primarily, its very hard to beat Blackberry. There is an excellent e-mail, not BBM , there is an easy way to contact the contacts and its all packed within the package, which puts the first communication(as seen by the front facing keyboard). But if you want your smartphone to be more intense, to be more like a small tablet PC than anything else, feel as for the use of the future the response must be sought elsewhere.
end, and this applies to only small, tiny group of users of smartphones, but darn, that a BlackBerry is blocked PIN code. darn, that you have to get a special plan Blackberry. And darn that his e-mail is so strict. 98% of smartphone users will not notice these problems, but for those who want to bounce back and forth to different platforms(like us), it is simply too difficult to do on Blackberry.

From Blackberrys next?

Lets be honest here, the Blackberry OS is tired. And even I do not know what is different from last year. It is to be BBOS 5.0, but for so many, so small changes can be seen from the end user. From what Crackberry Kevin tells me a lot of improvements under the hood and prepare for the future Blackberry. Good to know that good, but not for use.
But yes, the Blackberry gets things done and doing the things done quickly but thats it. There is no innovation in the applications, not a lot of charm, not to extend the model experience of the main screen. Its like, when using the device, which is obviously shackled by its history. Blackberrys have nailed communication, but left everything in the past. Things, definitely need to change, but it looks like RIM does not want to completely overhaul BBOS. I think if it is not completely broken so theres no great need to fix it, right? But where Blackberrys next?
I asked this question to the members of the community Crackberry and says most of the apps . And frankly, this is where all smartphone is made. In addition to the iPhone, all smartphone platforms must not only more but better applications software. And although the situation of BlackBerry applications may be limited right now, that there are so many BlackBerry users should satisfy your fears developers will develop for the Blackberry, because there are so many users. discourteous or not, the numbers do not lie.


Its 2010. blowing the Blackberry browser. This is unintuitive, slow, and only janky around. It will get better when their Webkit Blackberry launches a browser, but for now this is without doubt the worst browser time in the space of the smartphone. compare it to other smart phones and the browser simply does not hold a candle. browsing without a touchscreen just is not so effective we Android users. Amendments.


Ive always been under the impression that the Blackberry can build a community like no other smartphone. And this is true, because every Blackberry is inherently linked to each other because of the Blackberry, as it sets on the device. And things like BBM, and push e-mail will certainly help the addictive nature, but really Blackberrys Crackberrys more than just that. It is a fact that everything on the Blackberry is set to stay connected with each other. Keyboard allows to quickly enter the wonderful. E-mail is instant communication. Light declaration by Blackberry at hand. OS is super fast. BBM everyone feels together. All on the Blackberry is a crack. BBOS is limited to sure, but Im not afraid to say that Blackberry is the most unique platform smartphone available. Those who use and love Blackberrys just do not find the same experience on another device.
and Blackberry as we know, is an icon. Z Curve 8310 of the first Round Robin to Bold 9700 years, the Blackberry user is at home with both devices. If you use a BlackBerry, you can use any Blackberry. Nothing is so drastically different from device to device. A I am jealous that with Android we have so many different factors, form and other software built for our OS, the need to re-learn almost Android device each time. Blackberry RIM provides each user can easily pick up any Blackberry and just go.
To analogize it, the Blackberry is really a McDonalds smartphones. certainly not be of the highest quality food and offer the most diverse, but always consistent. Eat at McDonalds in California and Florida or in New York, and even in Canada, you know what to expect. Its Blackberry from the curves for the bolts can not offer the highest quality of experience or a different form factors, but you know what to expect. And really, it says something. In order to create a device that consistently better each year but still falls in the previous iteration, then absolutely, that built a great base to use. This is a place where crack, lies at the base of the spinal Blackberry. It does not fit into other phones bow in its history.

Final Thoughts

If you re reader should be aware of Crackberry Kevin Needs Smartphone . If you have not heard of it, read it and take it in . We are confident that the pyramid of needs is different from his, but lots of it makes sense. Equipment should fit the priorities. If youre a heavy Google user Voice has invested in Google, Gmail, and the like, Android is really the best. If this is accurate, fast and quick communication that you need, Blackberry makes a great case for itself. AT T, if it does not work for you, do not let AT T phone. And so on.
And really, what we learn from the implementation of those Smartphone Round Robins . There is no ideal device for everyone. If youre crazy, ridiculously lucky, maybe there is an ideal device for you. But in most, if you can find the device that best fits your priorities, go with this device. If you want a device that goes to the Internet, the Blackberry is not for you. If you want a device that communicates well, is the Blackberry.
What the future holds for Blackberry(and indeed any smartphone platform) is what can connect the device to many basic needs better than any other device. If the Blackberry browser fixes and introduces a device with a touch screen facing the front of the keypad on this device will surely be the account value. But if it takes too long, but Android missed it.

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