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Overview of Unlocked Cell Phone

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Any mobile phone is using a Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card. This is used to store data from the mobile phone such as text messages, images and even videos. The mobile phone will be useless without a SIM card because it is like the heart of the phone where major functions and operations happen. But with every mobile phone there is a designated carrier that is why when you buy a mobile phone a SIM card from a specific carrier is provided to you. When you use a SIM card from another carrier it will not work this is what they call a “locked phone”. But if you have an unlocked cell phone you can use any SIM card from any carrier.

Usually when you acquire for a cell plan, then the phone that comes bundled with it is a locked phone. This is usually the strategy because according to carriers it is a way for them to finance the cost of expensive cell phones. Since we have the access now to different software and advanced technology locked phone can be unlocked cell phone already. But unlocking the cell phone must be performed by an experienced technician because the cell phone may not operate properly if the proprietary settings are changed.

Unlocked cell phone can use SIM cards in different countries while locked cell phone can only be used in one country which depends on the carrier. Unlocking a phone can be done by entering an unlock code which can either be specified by the carrier of the SIM or mobile phone provider. There are also software applications that can be used to unlock cell phones. The unlock code used is referred to as the network coded key or master code. Once the unlock code is entered it will then be stored in the mobile phone so the unlocked cell phone can still fully function. Another way of unlocking the cell phone is by sending it to a company that offers unlocking services. When the phone is unlocked it will then be sent back to the owner.

Unlocked cell phone is very beneficial to people who are always traveling. It is expensive to be always changing SIM cards when you are in a different country. Though, even without changing the SIM card the mobile phone can still be an unlocked cell phone and this can be done through a special software application or device. Though, unlocking cell phones are popular today there are legalities involved. Such as in countries like Poland, unlocked cell phone is legal providing that the cell phone’s IMEI number is not modified during the process of unlocking. In Netherlands, unlocking cell phone is also legal but the flash memory of the mobile phone must not be overwritten with copyrighted firmware. In the United States, before it was a crime to unlock cell phones, but after some time particularly in November 27, 2006 unlocking cell phones was legalized. Unlocked cell phone is only allowed for three years but it can still be renewed.

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