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HTC Cell Phones: High Tech Indeed

Author: Paul Wise

The High Tech Computer Corporation, also known as HTC Cell Phones, has come on strong as of late making a variety of popular smart phones. The company has done a great job of integrating by putting their phones on the Unlocked GSM Cell Phones market as well as the CDMA market. This has made them quite the competitor as of late and there are a handful of excellent HTC Cell Phones on the market at the present. Here are some popular ones to date to help the reader better familiarize with the changing mobile phone market.

The HTC Touch Pro2 - This phone has a sleek and spacious touch screen as well as a user-friendly, complete QWERTY keyboard. In addition to the Windows Mobile features, this smartphone also includes conference call management tools for the busy business people. Along with strong call quality comes features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. It's large feature set matches its large size and it is a definite step up from the original Touch. This is a CDMA phone and therefore not considered Unlocked GSM Cell Phones.

The HTC Hero - This is a smartphone that offers a highly customizable user interface thanks to HTC Sense. It is an improvement on past Android devices as it features Outlook e-mail, calendar, contacts synchronization and a 5-megapixel camera, among others. And not to worry, the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G support are all ready for use. The HTC Hero is the most feature-packed Google Android device to date as well as customizable interface that allows users to make their phone very specific to fit every unique specification.

The HTC Fuze - This is a phone for AT&T, meaning it can also be bought as Unlocked GSM Cell Phones, featuring Windows Mobile 6.1, push e-mail capabilities, and a nice mix of multimedia features such as a 3.2 megapixel camera. Other features included are the full QWERTY keyboard; VGA touch screen; Wi-Fi; Bluetooth: GPS; and HSDPA support. For business customers who demand the most out of their HTC Cell Phones, this phone delivers plenty of features, good performance, and a functional design.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of HTC Cell Phones and smart phones as a whole. However this is a good starting point for anyone interested in HTC Cell Phones or smartphones. The great thing is that with a little bit of research, anyone can find the perfect phone for them.

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